Wildwood Publishing

Wildwood is all about a good story.

Books we publish are both old and new. Unlike the latest release from Stephen King or James Patterson, our titles require a leap into the unknown. However, that leap of faith is rewarded with a unique reading experience not found on the front shelves of your bookstore.

Wildwood books will immerse you in early 20th century Wellington, take you travelling through the wilds of First Nations’ British Colombia and plunge you into the darkness of a Johannesburg prison on a death sentence. Many of our books are semi-autobiographical and this lends to their realism.

We love to hear from authors* who can tell a tale set in exotic places, bygone eras, or little-known subcultures. We try to offer readers a window into times and places they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to experience. We think this is absolutely the best thing about books.

*UPDATE: As of 2017 we are no longer accepting new manuscript submissions. This may change in the future so please check back.