Star Maker

One evening, a man steps outside his home and walks to a hill to gain perspective on a troubling mood. What he gains is the power to travel outside his physical being through both space and time.

Star Maker is an incredible work of philosophy, social commentary and pure imagination. The narrator visits strange new worlds featuring beings of every imaginable variety. Some beings are not unlike earth humans, yet others are formed by their very different environments — ocean creatures, avians, cartilage-ships, plant men, symbiotic teams, and group minds.

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  1. A poetic meditation on the universe
    /Daniel Jolley

    Starts off beautiful and eerie, this book develops into a profound meditation on the universe and our place in it. Not for those who are religiously dogmatic, because it attempts to synthesize the observable universe and the human condition with conjecture into what type of creator might have set all this into motion.

  2. Great science fiction
    /C. Duffus

    Great science fiction, in many respects this book is a foundational work that has augmented many of our greatest 20th/21st SciFi movies from their original books; 2001 and most recently Interstellar. That said, a number of these authors, Arthur C Clarke specifically, have touted this author's work as inspiring and original. A must read for any die-hard SciFi reader who has exhausted their fill and looking for an original work. Note this was the book that first utilized what is called the Dyson Sphere in the story line. A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and hence captures most or all of its power output. I thought this was really cool!