The Day of the Locust

Obsessed with the sexually provocative teenage wannabe actress Faye Greener, a number of fellow 1930’s Hollywood fringe-dwellers play out a peculiar set of wonderfully strange situations in deliciously odd scenarios.

There’s a midget, a cowboy, the original Homer Simpson, and a movie studio artist, all living on the fringe, all vying for Faye’s attention.

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  1. End of the World

    This is where the world ends
    This is where the world ends
    This is where the world ends
    In a poisoned meringue of L.A.'s winter.

    This book has amazing characters, incredible scenes, and breaks my heart with every page. It set the scene for every David Lynch movie grotesque and the soundtrack for every Pixies song your head can bend itself around. Also, the best cock fight scene in all of literature.